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Goodwin 125th Anniversary Conference Dinner

Dear Geoff.

I write to thank you and your team at Corporate Occasions for providing such an excellent dinner for our some 800 plus guests we entertained each night at the Goodwin PLC 125th Anniversary Conference Dinner, The employee Celebration dinner at the Charity Ball.

Putting on one event never mind three in a week is a challenge, but you were good to your word and excelled in every aspect. So many of the some 2400 guests have latterly written to our company expressing their delight in the evening and commenting on the fact that they could not believe the quality of food and service you provided, as it was better than they had ever experienced at a Ball or large conference.

I am afraid it will be a while before we will run such an event again, in fact you had better keep in touch with my sons rather than me, but i am sure there will have been people who did attend one of our dinners that will want to aspire to similar levels as you provided us with and i hope they make the right decision and choose your company to provide the food.

So Geoff, many, many thanks, we paid and you delivered better than i dared hope and as you know i always expect a lot.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely

Richard S Goodwin

Managing Director

Goodwin PLC